Expats / Impats

Effectively assigning employees to positions abroad is a decisive factor in the success of international companies.

The right preparation for life in the destination country and the appropriate local support are important components of the foreign job assignment process. These factors are often decisive in the ultimate success of a project that is important and costly for the company.


Regardless of whether your foreign assignments send employees to Asia, Europe, Latin America or Africa, our intercultural training courses individually prepare your expats and inpats and their families for their stay abroad.

The objective of the training is to ease the transition into the new cultural environment for transferred employees and their families. The expats receive an insight into the culture and history of the destination country. They are sensitised regarding the culture-related thought and behavioural patterns of the people who live there and they learn to flexibly handle emotional challenges and demanding communication situations.

If spouses/partners and children are accompanying the employee, part of the training is conducted together with the spouses/partners or the entire family. The content and methodology of the preparatory training are adapted to the particular target audience.


Intercultural training topics for expatriates/inpatriates

 Orientation for families with children

•   A vision of success for family life in the destination country
•   Our family
•   What do we leave behind?
•   What can we expect and what is new?
•   What does culture mean for us?
•   Cultural adjustment processes with children
•   Our new home: people, places, objects
•   Plans: exciting things in the destination country

 Information on the destination country

•   Culture, society, history, religion

 Daily life in the destination country

•   Small talk and taboo topics (politics, religion, etc.)
•   Housing situation
•   Being a host and a guest
•   Shopping and restaurants/dining customs
•   Free-time activities – Behaviour in public
•   Public transportation and travel
•   Health care system
•   Banking

  Intercultural communication

•   Cultural models and their significance for communication and behaviour
•   Values and behavioural patterns of one’s own culture and the “foreign” culture
•   Perception of self and others
•   Verbal and non-verbal communication
•   Direct and indirect communication
•   “Saving face” – The Concept of Face (only for Asian countries)
•   Recognising and interpreting behavioural patterns in the destination culture
•   General strategies for effective intercultural communication
•   Dos and Don’ts: Where can they help?


  Adjustment difficulties with adults

•   Dealing with emotional challenges
•   Culture shock: phases and coping strategies


  Business life in the destination country

•   Previous experience with the destination country and the people who live there
•   Cultural models and their application to the working environment
•   The "Face Concept" in business life (only for Asian countries)
•   High vs. low context communication in personal discussions, e-mails, and phone conversations
•   Communication in negotiations, meetings, presentations, etc.
•   Teamwork, hierarchies, management styles, and company structure
•   Recognising, avoiding, and dealing with conflicts them constructively
•   Small talk and business etiquette

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