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Coaching is increasingly recognised in the international working environment as an effective instrument for targeted staff development.

Our business coaching services are specially focused on the reality of the lives of employees working for international companies. They are designed to reinforce employees in their ability to take action and in their motivation in a complex, culturally diverse working environment.

This is why it is a priority for us to use coaches with an in-depth understanding of the business context in which the coachees work. Our coaches have international business and coaching experience and they speak the language of their coachees. This enables them to also reach the coachees at their emotional level, which is influenced by their cultural values and norms.

The special qualifications that our coaches possess are particularly suited for uncovering intercultural problems and tackling them in the coaching.

Our coaching concept

We see coaching as a consulting and accompanying process supporting individuals and teams on specific issues in their international working environments.
Our coaching is solution-oriented. It takes the business context of the coachees into consideration and is conducted in their native language. The coaching is aimed at equipping the coachees to independently manage change themselves.
Our coaching is distinguished by an atmosphere of mutual trust and is executed on the basis of a previously established framework regarding topics and objectives. This framework can be changed or adapted during the course of the coaching period.

Coaching methods

Our coaches use different procedures and approaches depending on the needs and requirements of the particular situation (e.g. systemic coaching, NLP, resources coaching, constellation and scenario work, Wingwave coaching).

Types of avrami coaching and coaching situations

 1. Coaching for individuals

•   Support of personal change processes
•   (Intercultural) conflict situations with employees/co-workers
•   Employee management
•   Self-organisation and self-management
•   Goal-attainment strategies
•   Communication with employees/co-workers, and international customers
•   Regulating performance pressure
•   Adaptation problems on foreign assignments
•   Coaching on the job: guidance and supervision in the workplace,
    e.g. transferring knowledge acquired in a seminar into practical application on the job


 2. Coaching for teams

•   Team development processes
•   Conflict resolution
•   Development or communication of values
•   Encouraging motivation
•   Intercultural communication problems
•   Coaching on the job: guidance and supervision of intercultural teams,
    e.g. in optimising communication processes and utilising potentials.

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