Networking skills are abilities that are decisive for successful, modern relationship management. Active networking is the basis for a range of different types of social contacts and the effective use of social relationships in business. Building and maintaining relationships is accomplished for the most part through targeted, appropriate communication.

A person’s own personality profile (reserved or gregarious, open or observant) plays as important a role as the perception, appreciation and acceptance of one’s own culture and those of others.

Successful relationship management in an international environment encounters a variety of challenges attributable both to cultural differences in values and customs and to spatial distance.

In this seminar you become acquainted with the principles of successful relationship management and develop your own personal strategies in an intercultural context.


  • Networking and Relationship Management for Experts
  • Social Media Networking


  • Fundamentals of networking +

    • What is networking?
    • Do’s and Don’ts of networking
    • Social media networking
  • Relationship management +

    • Building and maintaining a relationship network
    • The development, utilisation, and expansion of my relationship networks
  • Selected communication/conversational skills techniques +

    • How can I establish rapport with the person I want to talk to?
    • How do I use verbal and non-verbal communication techniques?
    • Introducing one self in a few seconds
    • How do I make small talk?
  • Your own personality and posture +

    • My personality profile
    • My personal attitude toward the viability, value, and benefits of relationships
  • Intercultural particularities +

    • Communicative customs in different cultures
    • Establishing and managing relationships at the international level
    • Do’s & Don’ts in dealing with selected destination cultures
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