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Virtual Classroom

Corporate clients who wish to improve their language skills in English, German, Chinese or any other language effectively are welcome to experience our tailor-made and highly flexible virtual classroom trainings.

Our well-trained Business language experts deliver virtual language trainings tailored to the your individual needs and learning objectives.

Our detailed needs analysis helps us find out what your requirements, exact training needs and previous knowlege are – before the actual training starts.

Live teaching takes place in the virtual classroom of the avrami learning management system. How long, how often and when you learn is up to you!

Whether you wish to continuously improve your competencies, increase your language skills acc. to CEFR, or simply require assistance with a spontaneous very specific professional challenge, e.g. an important meeting to close a deal, you are warmly welcome to raise these topics in the lessons.

Similar to our Face-to Face trainings, our live trainings in the virtual classroom are highly interactive and offer the possibility to train all language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in the intensity you prefer.

After each virtual classroom session you will get a vocabulary list containing the new words discussed in that session, some follow-up exercises for self-study and some preparatory tasks for the upcoming session.

What more?

You can access all resources (handouts, exercises, videos etc.) 24/7 by logging into your personal course in the avrami learning management system.

Our virtual training combines the advantages of face-to-face training and online learning:

  • Rely on us to tailor training contents and methods exactly to your needs.
  • Get our best language training experts are at your side
  • Enjoy our lively and highly communicative trainings
  • Experience a highly interactive and motivating training
  • Learn at your pace, when you are free
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